Complete Remodeling

You have great renovation plans or go get a small remodeling? You’re in the middle of a conversion or you stand at the beginning of the project? Whatever you’re planning and what the status is, at AKKAR construction you will love! All the experts, the right consultants and the latest trends under one roof.


For a long service life of a building is regular maintenance of a home is a must. That you can do yourself or you let the renovation specialist once a year come along. However, there comes a time, usually after a 30 to 50 years, that your building on a major roof or kitchen renovation. Simply because it no longer meets the requirements of the current time. The whole or partially renovating a House can you, like the maintenance of the House, in stages do it yourself or let the job in a short period of time, done by a skilled renovation specialist. When your renovation plans go so far that they include a complete home renovation it is advisable to work with an architect and the Executive renovation specialist in advance a comprehensive cost estimate.


Stucco is typically on an artful manner resulting in a beautiful decorative effect on the walls of the living room. Some examples of stucco are mouldings, rosettes and pilasters. Stucco is often affixed to walls of wood, brick and concrete more beautiful.

Paint work

Painting is one of the most important parts of your home if we talk about maintenance. Is your home in need of a new coat of paint? Please read on this page all about the prices and the method of letting painting your house painting.

Home extention

When you want to put an extension to your home, you have the choice of different species. A main goal of a construction is to create more space. You can obtain this space by an extension to the front or rear, but also on the side you can create extra living space. Would you like to increase your living room, you increase or broaden your kitchen attic? It’s all possible with an extension.

Floor heating

Floor heating or heated floor, that is a difference. At a heated floor is intended that the floor snug and comfortable. In the case of floor heating provides the floor all heat needed to heat the space. In old on isolated building is floor heating without radiators often not possible. Floor heating gives radiation and is a comfortable experience. This allows the room temperature be lower without the uncomfortable feel. As is well known; Saves 1 degree lower in the living room 6% of heating costs.


There are few jobs in and around the House that need to be done as meticulously as the gas pipeline construction. The danger at incorrect installation is simply too great to take risks at this job

The cables have to be 100% proof and are properly connected, otherwise they form a direct danger to life. Escaping gas is extremely flammable and can explode


AZP construction is the specialist for the full maintenance of your home or commercial building. We are working in and around Amsterdam and specialize in the supply and maintenance of Windows, doors, window frames and additional schilderswerkzaamheden. If you have high demands on your living comfort and not your average solution would then AZP for you the best choice for maintaining your home. Care of AZP.


If you have plans to go restore your monumental building you have come to the right place. We will in a close consultation with you and the Monuments Commission determine the working method and the method of run/Assembly.

We offer you the opportunity in advance to determine what the cost of this work must go in advance, so that amounts will be clear or the whole financial viability

Kitchen recessed

Your dream is a kitchen that in all dimensions and to the smallest detail perfect for you. We believe; that should not be a dream! Because Kitchen Arena let dreams come true. The large range of worktops, fronts, handles, decors and handle-less variants also guaranteed to fit your taste. With the new handle-free kitchen is your kitchen with a graphical lines plans. For us the details that the word ‘ quality ‘ content.

Quality and a good craft finish – that characterizes the kitchens at Kitchen Arena. The power of innovative Kitchen Arena has already been proven in the past. Also, when using natural products Kitchen Arena standards.

Bathroom built-in

Best of all, a bathroom of nowadays that this also as a sort of relaxation space is used. Make sure that you new bathroom completely meets your needs so that you can entertain in your own Spa environment.