Roof renovation

The roof of your House has much to endure. Rain, wind, heat, cold and frost leave their traces. By clammy and damp places, damaged or flaking roof tiles, to leaky gutters, worn, broken lead work and leaning roof tiles.


Defects in the roof can have far-reaching consequences. A leakage to your roof affects the under construction. A leaky gutter leads to dry rot. Old pans take too much moisture, making it feel clammy and damp is in the House. At Frost break pans and results in cracks in the House causing the isolation of the home is affected. Cold, moisture and wind find their way inside, while the heat escapes. There is mold, save by the walls and painting damages.


By renovate your roof to prevent leaks and serious damage. So extend the life of your roof and you save costs in the long term.

Renovation works are activities where existing building is renewed, while the original character of the building is preserved and the value of the project often increases. Renovation ensures that the project meets the current requirements, guidelines and standards. In the event of a case of renovation you can think of making roof insulation

Renovation work at the planning and communication is of great importance. In most situations you will continue as principal living in the home. We find it very important that you have minimum of work and will work according to a tight schedule and in good and systematic dialogue.

AZP construction is from the start of work to the delivery of service to achieve your desired end result.