Kitchen recessed

Installing a kitchen is a regular topic of conversation, for example during a birthday. Everyone knows the stories about wrong closet doors, a big counter tops or other misery. We prefer that you in a positive way about Tai Kitchens talk and thereforetake the installation of your kitchen very seriously. Starting with a thorough preparation.

Of great importance is the commitment of our highly trained private technical service, which is completely aware of your situation. Our mechanics work fast and neat and the kitchen is delivered only if you are 100% satisfied. If desired our team takes the full coordination of a kitchen in itself, so that pushing the pipes, laying the tile floor or the stucco of the walls under our direction.

Our driven mechanics are next to mount and install kitchens specialised in:

  • disassemble and remove old kitchen wall tiles
  • pushing piping for both, water, gas, central heating and electricity
  • making wall break-throughs
  • extend or renew groups cabinets
  • Refresh ceilings
  • plastering of walls and ceilings

Are we once finished with kitchen install, then you’re a beautiful kitchen. All packaging, waste and building materials included and we will let the kitchen is clean.