Pipes installing

There can be several types of tubes be used to transport water namely copper, metal and plastic tubes in various diameters and lengths. Copper tubes are suitable for hot and cold water. Diameters 12 mm, 15 mm and 22 mm. Available in length and on a roll. When using compression fittings on copper pipe i.c.m. role a support sleeve into the tube. PPI plastic pipes (grey) are also suitable for hot and cold water. Diameters 15 mm and 22 mm. Tileen plastic pipes (black) may only be used for cold water. Diameters 16 and 25 mm available in rolls of 10 and 50 metres. These include the following aspects.


  • Wateraanvoer
  • Hulpstukken
  • Turns bending
  • abbreviate copper tubes
  • copper pipes in the wall RID
  • work with compression fittings


A compression fitting consists of three different parts: the coupling nut, compression ring and body. To a sticking connection you will need: sandpaper or-linen and 2 (adjustable) Insert keys.

When using a gradient compression ring is at tightening a “hot dog” sound is heard. This is caused by compaction of the gradient ring. If the gradient ring breaks the connection.